20 Ways to Spend 12 Hours in the LAX Airport

On the day of our departure, Kim and I had two remarkably different experiences leading up to our flight to New Zealand. We were booked on different flights from Chicago to LA, both scheduled to allow us more than enough time for check in. However, severe weather caused Kim’s flight to be unexpectedly delayed 4 hours leaving her quite stressed out, literally running through the airport to baggage claim, and checking in for our flight only 5 minutes before check in closed. It was a extremely close call. I, on the other hand, had a lot of time to waste. After getting some Oreos and shut-eye on my 7:00 AM flight, my time at the airport was spent lollygagging. So if you’re ever in a similar situation, here’s 20 ways that I spent my 12 hours in the LAX airport.

1. Prime time people watching

2. Getting travel advice from the nice English chap from the Travel Aid info desk

3. Starbucks = iced chai latte

4. Writing blog posts…

5. Wandering around with a heavy backpack on…do-able, but not recommended.

6. Clear up delayed flight scenarios (thanks Amy Griffin from AirNZ)

7. Get lost…a lot.

8. Play Sudoku on your mini Sudoku player *NERD ALERT*

9. Charge your phone in a really inconvenient spot and get curious looks by all who pass by

10. Organize your purse/carry-on to be productive and pass the time

11. Help an Australian man read his plane ticket since he forgot his glasses (He should have read our blog Making a List and Checking It Twice)

12. Spot the most adorable kid’s luggage ever, toted by the cutest lil’ travelers imaginable

13. Have a phone convo with your Mom, Dad, boyfriend, best friend, etc. Exhaust your contact list…hence #9

14. Wonder why people travel in 5 inch stilettos

15. Pick the cutest flight attended uniforms (Winner: purple skirt suit combo with matching hat and green/purple ascots!)

16. Witness movie worthy goodbye scenes at the departure gate

17. Walk outside and enjoy that Cali weather

18. Secretly hope that I’ll spot the TMZ camera crew

19. See the airport staff interact when changing shifts

20. Eat a ridiculously overpriced sandwich, go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, and prepare for the trip of a lifetime


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  1. coley, only you could write so much about random things at the airport. and i dont believe you spoke to your best friend at all, as i didnt receive a call.


  2. Aleya Schwartz

    i didn’t get a call either, and I bet Adam feels the same way. We are both “A’s” Coley! How could you forget!?! Hope you’re having a blast on your trip!

  3. kim these blogs are all awesome so far!

    i had the exact same experience headed to oz. saw 50 papparazzi chasing justin timberlake and cameron diaz paul through LAX while sitting in a random corridor awkwardly charging my phone. brushing teeth also very common way to kill time.

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