What’s in the Bag?

We  know everyone is probably curious just exactly what we’re able to fit in our backpacks and bring on our trip. We’ll be the first to admit, we’re flashpackers more so than backpackers. Generally, we say we’re backpacking because yes, we’re bringing everything in a backpack and traveling on a ridiculously cheap budget. However, a “real backpacker” will only bring about 3 pairs of underwear, 2 pairs of shoes, and you can forget about makeup or accessories. Wikipedia actually defines “flashpacker” as someone who travels with technology and gadgets including cameras, iPods, and laptops. Based on that definition I think almost every traveler would be considered a flashpacker these days. I mean, seriously when was the last time you saw someone travel without a camera?  So flashpacker, backpacker, tomato, tomahto.

The problem with packing for long-term travel is that there is no universal packing list because every person and trip are different. For example, if you’re camping in Madagascar your list will be vastly different than if you were staying in hostels or with friends in Europe. If you’re traveling to Canada in the winter you would probably need different items than Mexico in the summer.  So based on our specific trip and circumstances, this is what we decided will work best for us.

In a few weeks, we’ll reevaluate everything in our backpacks and let you know what was worth bringing, what we forgot, and what we should have left at home. So what’s in the bag?

Clothes and accessories:

K & C:  3 short sleeve t-shirts

K & C: 1 long sleeve t-shirt

K & C: 2 ¾ length shirts

K & C: 2 camis

K & C: 2 tank tops

K & C:  3 cardigans or sweaters

K & C: 3 dresses

K & C: 1 skirt

K: 1 pair of cargo pants

K & C: 1 pair of yoga pants

K & C: 2 pairs of shorts

K & C: 1 pair of jeans

K & C: 1 pair of jeggings

K & C: 1 pair of leggings

K & C: 1 winter coat (that we’ll ditch after NZ)

K & C: 1 zip-up hoodie

K & C: 1 Columbia fleece jacket

K & C: 1 light jacket

K & C: 1 bathing suit

K & C: 5 pairs of socks (also will ditch after NZ)

K & C: 14 pairs of underwear (this is something we just weren’t willing to go less on… but I mean let’s be honest here, they don’t take up that much room)

K & C: 2 bras

K & C: 3 scarves

K: 2 necklaces

C: 1 bracelet

K & C: 1 crossbody purse

K & C: 1 pair of tights

K & C: 1 tam hat

K & C: 1 pair of sunglasses

K & C: 1 pair of winter gloves (ditch after NZ)


K & C: 1 pair of  Tom’s shoes

K & C: 1 pair of flip flops/shower shoes

K & C: 1 pair of sandals

K & C: 1 pair of heels (flashpackers, I know, I know)

K & C: 1 pair of boots (will also ditch after NZ)


K: Macbook

K: Nikon D60 SLR camera

C: Small point and shoot camera

K: Travel tripod

K: Video camera

K: Western Digital My Passport external hard drive

K: iPod and headphones

C: Small iPod speakers

K & C:  Flashdrive

K: Unlocked cell phone

K: Outlet adaptor

K & C: Extra batteries, chargers, and connecting cords

First Aid/Heath

K: Ibuprofen and Dayquil

K: 8 Cough Drops

K: 10 band-aids

K & C: 50 Multivitamins (one for each day)

C: Midol, Tums, Benadryl, Claritin, Dramamine, Cipro

K: 30 SPF sunscreen

K: Bug Spray (the deep woods stuff with deet)

K & C: Health insurance and travel insurance


K: Small package of laundry detergent

K: Dryer sheets (to keep the backpack smelling fresh)

K: Duct tape (you never know when you’ll need duct tape)

C: 1 reusable canvas bag (for grocery shopping)

K: 15 wet wipes

K: 2 sharpies

K & C: 3 pens

K & C: 1 journal (thanks Mom)

K & C: 1 quick dry towel

K & C: 1 pillowcase (many uses)

K & C: 1 water bottle

K & C: 1 padlock

K & C: 1 drawstring bag (for dirty laundry)

K & C: 1 small umbrella

K & C: 1 mini bottle of hand sanitizer

K: 1 Tide to Go Pen (I’m always spilling stuff on my clothes)

K & C: Passport (and copies)

K & C: Driver’s license

K & C: Credit/debit cards

K & C: ISIC – International Student ID Card  (offers some student discounts)

K & C: 3 extra passport size photos (for visas and emergency)

C: Earplugs

C: 1 deck of cards

C: 1 swiss army knife

C: 1 small flashlight

C: 1 pad of post-it notes

C: Zip lock bags


K & C: 5 pairs of extra contacts

K & C: Contact solution and case

K & C: 1 pair of glasses

K & C: 1 toothbrush

K & C: Toothpaste

K & C: Shampoo

K & C: Conditioner

K & C: Body Wash

K & C: Deodorant

K & C: 2 disposable razors

K & C: Comb

K & C: Makeup remover

K & C: 100 Q-tips (2 for each day)

K & C: Face Wash

K & C: Moisturizer

K & C: Hair gel and spray

K & C: Tweezers

K & C: Nail clippers

C: 1 small bottle of nail polish

K & C: 3 extra hair ties

K & C: Makeup

What's in Kim's bag

What's in Coley's bag


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  1. Ok, I was just trying to decide if the Gregory Jade 60 pack would be big enough for backpacking (as a girl who likes to pack her hairstraightener) and stumbled across your page. Having seen your lists and pictures of what you packed in those bags the answer is definitely a YES!! Thanks for the assistance 🙂 Mikayla.

    • Hi Miklayla!

      Thanks for your comment, we’re really glad that our post was able to help you.

      How long will you be backpacking for? We are definitely very satisfied with our purchases of the Gregory Jade 60 because it is still considered a “light” pack and was easy for us to carry around, we were able to stuff it pretty full with our clothes and toiletries, and it is also one of the more “stylish” backpacks you’ll find with the bright colors.

      Please let us know if you have any other questions.

      Kim & Coley

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